Report: Two Sonic Owners Lead Charge Against Gay Marriage

Josh Feit of The Stranger writes:

The campaign finance records I’ve reviewed show that Sonics/Storm co-owner Tom Ward has contributed $475,000 to Gary L. Bauer’s Americans United to Preserve Marriage

And another Sonics/Storm co-owner, Aubrey McClendon, contributed $625,000.

Both men made their first contributions to the group, $250,000 a piece, on September 8, 2004—the day after the group was formed.

Feit goes on to explain that the pair are responsible for the vast majority of money spent by the organization. The strongly anti-gay marriage position could wrankle in Seattle, where public support is necessary (the big hearing is tonight) if a new arena is going to be built. For instance, here's one of the comments, from Gitai:

In some ways, this is good news for King County taxpayers. Two weeks from now, the P-I or Times will pick up on this, and notoriously gay friendly King County will be even more disgusted with these greedy bastards, along the lines of, "Why should we pay for a stadium so you can spend your money taking away peoples' rights?" Then they can move to Oklahoma where this won't matter at all.