The 20 Most Influential Sportsbloggers

Jamie Mottram made a list (UPDATE: And Dan Shanoff too), and the most important aspect of that list is that I'm five notches higher than Mark Cuban. (Although Mark, consider: I'll trade places with you this year--even though it's a deep draft--in exchange for a non-lottery protected pick next year and an undisclosed amount of cash.)

Also, there are photos. Dan Steinberg looks like he's in the French Resistance (congrats on the baby, by the way, Dan), Tyler Bleszinski proves you can get flash pink eye in just one eye, Will Leitch shows how to do it the old-fashioned two-eye way, MJD is disgustingly presentable for a blogger, and I fear I'm looking just a little like the kind of guy you wouldn't want to have babysit your kids.