Samuel Dalembert: WAY Too Into Paintball

From Joe Juliano's feel-good column about the Sixers unwinding with a team-building excursion to shoot each other. Everyone was a little surprised at Samuel Dalambert:

"He has a lot of equipment and everything," Carney said. "He brought a sniper rifle and some smoke grenades and stuff."

"We are all amateurs when it comes to paintball," guard Willie Green said. "None of us are professionals except maybe Sam. Sam had a bazooka. I think he had like two 9-millimeter paintball guns and grenades. He came ready. I had to rent."

A paintball bazooka? Smoke grenades?

Paintball is one of those things: it's really fun. Yes sirree, had a blast doing it myself. But if you're really into it, and you weren't in 'Nam? That's weird.