Someone Had to do It

Kevin Arnovitz is reviewing player websites. Corey Maggette's is in the spotlight today, and he gets a "C":

Disappointing. A lot of broken links, including the game link and “register 2 win.” His foundation link is “coming soon,” though it’s been a couple of years. The most recent news is the launch of the website on April 8, 2004. A four minute highlight reel to "Notorious" by Duran Duran [chosen by the athlete, to be certain] can be found through the Video link. The photo collection isn't anything you can't GoogleImage, and not much is imparted through the bio section. Though it definitely has some aesthetic aspirations, it’s a pretty limited site in terms of content.

Except for the Duran Duran part, that describes the vast majority of player websites, in my experience. I think part of the problem is that a brochure site like that doesn't really do anything for the player. Nothing really fun comes out of it--no money, no friends--so no one wants to spend any time on it.