Brandon Roy Takes his R-O-Y Campaign to the Big Stage

(Look, I'm a Blazer fan, OK? Once in a while that's going to come out.)

The best place to find rookie-of-the-year voters is at media-rich Madison Square Garden, and the Portland rookie showed up there last night and put on a decent show at both ends of the floor. He finished with 24, and you should watch the highlights just to hear the phrase "Knickerbocker backer-breaker." Portland is playing for pride and standings miracles at this point, while the Knicks are right in the playoff hunt. New York even brought back a semi-healed David Lee for this one.

But thanks in large part to Brandon Roy, the Knicks needed a super-hot Nate Robinson to even stay close. Mike Barrett writes on Blazers.com:

Roy, who needed a good performance to pretty much seal the deal for Rookie of the Year, got it right in the heart of Manhattan. Then, following the final horn, ran across the floor to introduce himself to NBA Hall of Famer Walt Frazier. Some around the league have compared Roy's game to Frazier's. The first one I heard do that was Maurice Lucas. Frazier, the analyst for the MSG Network, was sitting right next to our broadcast position After Brandon ran off, Frazier looked at Mike Rice and said, "he's phenomenal."

Barrett adds a great little detail about an exchange between Eddy Curry and Blazer Assistant Maurice Lucas:

The Blazers had [Jamaal] Magloire on Curry, and doubled him with LaMarcus [Aldridge] every time he touched the ball. New York had difficulty adjusting. At halftime, Curry even told Lucas, Blazer assistant coach, to "stop doubling me." It was a lighthearted exchange, and Lucas responded with "we're going to triple you in the second half."