Sunday Mini-Bullets

  • Pat Forde talks about William Wesley, Memphis, and Oregon.

  • Marc Stein on the possibility that Ron Artest might retire soon.

  • Interesting profile of Dana Davis, the man who can get just about anything done off the court in Memphis.

  • Jason Kidd's game-winning three-pointer was so bad that Vince Carter turned it into a game-tying alley-oop dunk. The Nets managed to beat a Charlotte team that was missing its four best players.

  • Look what I just ran across while drinking my morning coffee and reading Fred Bierman and Benjamin Hoffman's Off the Dribble column (if it's online, I couldn't find it) in The New York Times: "Two worlds merged last week the blogger Henry Abbott of TrueHoop.com took his musings to ESPN.com, a rare case of the alternative online news media merging with a traditional power. Fans nervous that the feel of the site would change were able to rest easy. In its first week, the the blog had its same basic look, and the same unique and thoughtful analysis that has made TrueHoop the best of what has become an increasingly informative and entertaining group of basketball blogs."