ClipperBlog to Gilbert Arenas: Coin Flip is Bad Logic

One of the charms of Gilbert Arenas, to me, is not so much that he's quirky, but that he adheres to his own logic. Frankly, it's logic I can often relate to. I mean, if money were no object, I'd surely be sleeping in an altitude adjusted climate myself. (Take that, local pickup game.)

Of course, one of his more famous bits of Gilbert-logic was the episode of his 2003 free agency, as recounted on the blog Gilbertology:

Gilbert said he decided between the Wizards and Clippers by flipping a coin 10 times. When the Clippers' side came up eight times, Arenas says he knew what he had to do: go "against the odds", although he later said he made up the story for "fun and entertainment."

Kevin Arnovitz runs ClipperBlog. He saw Gilbert Arenas play in Los Angeles this weekend, and left shaking his head at the story above: an effing coin flip kept Arenas from the Clippers? Are you serious? Arnovitz makes a powerful case (with the help of some four-letter words, be warned), as a former Washington DC resident, that in this case "Arenas logic" may have been bad logic:

Together, you and we could've created the greatest spectacle in sports: Kobe and Gilbert sharing a single venue, going nose-to-nose for six months, battling for the hearts and minds of Los Angeles. Four nights a year, the city would've actually shut down just to witness the confrontation.

And Clipper Na├žion? Oh, how we would've loved you. Finally, a leader with a magnitude of self that can match Kobe would've been ours. It's not that Elton isn't a tremendous guy with heart, brains, and a ferocious efficiency. In fact, EB would've served as a conscience to your irrepressible id. It would've been beau-tee-ful.

But never mind. You had to leave destiny, matter, and consciousness to a binary coin flip, a shiny copper penny that, I'm sure, has some greater cosmic significance...like it talks to you in Urdu and shouts out play sets in the voice of Kit. Well, good. Now you have to play your home games in the most earnest city in the nation, while we're still stuck in franchise limbo without a leader to guide us through the wilderness.