Bill Bradley Wants You to Walk it Off

Former Senator Bill Bradley's body took four years of pounding in high school, another four at Princeton, and a decade as a New York Knick. Almost everyone with a resume like that has a bad knee, hip, back, foot, or all of the above, and Bradley is no exception.

He is an exception, though, in that he blames his trick hip not on the work he did jumping for rebounds, but instead the work he did on the Stair Master. Bradley was interviewed by Deborah Solomon in The New York Times Sunday Magazine.

As a former Knicks star who still stands 6-foot-5, do you ever play basketball with the school kids in your neighborhood? Oh, God, no. I have a bad hip. I would say it's because I did the Stair Master, four days a week, for 10 years. You take these short steps and you just have the femur up there in the socket wearing away the cartilage.

What do you think is the best exercise? Walking outside, about five miles a day. People want a more intense experience, not realizing that walking is an intense experience.

Maybe they prefer the gym with its machines because it's a social experience. A place to work your charisma? I don't think so. It's hard to have a conversation when you are on the elliptical.

I'm no fan of the Stair Master myself. But this? This is a stretch.

So, a little admonishment to walk more, from a man who spent nearly two decades in the Senate, which is one of the only work environments on the planet with its own interior subway -- to prevent longish outdoor walks. He's right though, that long walks can be intense, especially in Washington, D.C.