Stephen Colbert vs. the Toronto Raptors

First Colbert put the entire Raptor team "on notice" for being from a different nation, yet playing in the National Basketball Association.

Then, when the Raptor mascot edged out a minor league hockey mascot named vaguely after Colbert (Steagle Colbeagle the American Eagle) in a contest for best mascot, well then it was war. Colbert moved the team right on over to the "dead to me" list. The whole thing makes for some excellent video.

Please, oh kindly and good-humored Raptors, respond in some fashion. Make some kind of bet with Colbert where he and Steagle Colbeagle will end end up singing a duet of "oh Canada" at a Raptors game or something. We just need to keep this going.

(Via Doug Smith's Toronto Star Mailbag)