Welcome Back, David Falk

The last time Michael Jordan's agent made any meaningful noise was when he signed Elton Brand before the 1999 draft. A couple of years later, with Falk's firm part of a big conglomerate that had a hard time getting along, the "superagent" withdrew, more or less, from the game. He only held on to only a few clients, like Brand, Mike Bibby, and Dikembe Mutombo.

In the interim, with Falk as the sleeping giant of the NBA agent world, Falk's former partner and sometimes rival Arn Tellem has emerged as the top dog in the NBA agent hierarchy.

I think plenty of people had assumed that Falk was more or less done with this line of work, had earned enough money already, and/or was enjoying a quieter life. Not anymore. Over the last few months, it has become clear that Falk is now done sitting on the sidelines. Multiple sources have been telling me, and Jonathan Givony is now detailing on DraftExpress, that David Falk is very much back in the game.