Mike Conley Sr. Making Noises that Can't Please Ohio State

Roughly ten million people who work in basketball have told me that both Greg Oden and Mike Conley Jr. will be in the NBA next year. I don't know if any of them really know, because I'm not positive if anyone really knows.

But the way Mike Conley Sr. (the man who is expected to represent both players when they do reach the NBA) is talking now can't be too encouraging to college basketball fans.

ESPN's Andy Katz (Insider) quotes Conley Sr. saying he absolutely expects his son to reassess his promise to return to Ohio State.

"He realizes that he can't blindly say that he's going back to school after he had decided that a month ago," Conley Sr. said. "Things have changed and he has to consider it."

Katz reports that Conley Sr. says he is now an officially registered NBA agent, which may give Oden and Conley Jr. some extra time to make up their minds:

Conley Sr. said he anticipates being his son's and Oden's agent so if they decide to declare, they wouldn't have the pressure to sign with an agent before the June 18 withdrawal deadline.

"I anticipate them putting their name in, but not signing," Conley Sr. said.