Friday Bullets

  • Kobe Bryant has a story about how terrible Kwame Brown is. In the Hollywood version Bryant, as team leader, would have made an effort to inspire the nervous Brown, to build up his psyche. (For the good of the team, for the good of humanity!) But this ain't Hollywood. Or, it is Hollywood, but not that version. Instead, Bryant brags about how many points he scores and trashes some of the NBA's weakest players in front of college students in Santa Barbara.

  • Top draft prospect, Baylor's Perry Jones, tells how he came to get into trouble with the NCAA.

  • Are there forces in place to keep black players from speaking out about things that matter?

  • Derrick Rose writes a check to settle a lawsuit brought by Memphis season ticket holders, based on his SAT scandal while in school.

  • Reading about how Mike Brown has been unable to talk to any of his players, part of me thought: You could make an argument it would have been smart to put off making this hire official until after the lockout. That way Brown could have been the only NBA coach to talk to players all summer. Advantage! Then part of me thought maybe that's why the Blazers' GM position is still vacant? Incredibly doubtful.

  • Good line from Nick Gibson on SheridanHoops: "It all sounds lovely, but Laker fans would hate to see Kobe’s body tick its best remaining tocks in Italy. Glory lives forever. Joints do not."

  • This discussion of advanced stats is fun to read. Honestly.

  • A case of Lonestar a week is not a good salary, but it's also not a bad one.

  • Kyle Weidie of TruthAboutIt on the upcoming season in Washington D.C.: "Look Wizards fans, I know you are tired of the draft lottery. Losing both it and games, nay seasons, is pretty stale now. Still, prepare yourself for ping-pong ball excitement for the fourth straight time and the 11th time in the last 15 seasons — that is, if there is even a lottery next summer, or a draft as we have come to know it. Simply put, the Wizards do not have the horses to make the playoffs next season; and the current coaching staff, as much progress as they’ve made with individual players, has proven less than capable in being able to reign in their team as a cohesive unit. No, 15 minutes of excitement leading up to draft lottery revelations aren’t worth it, but embrace the scene next time nonetheless. It’s going to be the last Wizards draft lottery for a while."