Not your typical pickup game

HoopSpeak's Beckley Mason on his high-profile pickup game in Bangladesh:

Five local soldiers surrounded our bench in camouflaged body armor, MP5 sub-machine guns slung over their shoulders and Glocks on their hips. Snipers paced the nearby rooflines.

Plush leather seats filled with well-dressed dignitaries and government officials extended along the sideline, a white canopy protecting them from the sweltering heat.

We loosened up, to the extent that was possible, by hoisting casual 15-footers and halfheartedly tussling for rebounds. We had done our best to coordinate white t-shirts for uniforms. One of my teammates was wearing thick cotton shorts, the kind that look like cut-off sweats.

At the other end of the plain concrete court, the Bangladeshi National Police team moved crisply through an obviously practiced series of lay up drills. Except they weren’t laying it up, they were dunking -- one after the other, in mechanized perfection.

Read the whole post to learn how things turned out. But just the intro reminds me a tad of the old Saturday Night Live "Bad Idea Jeans" commercial.