Game 1: All Good

Not really a dud in the bunch (I'm giving Cleveland vs. Washington a pass, since it was actually closer than it looked). Wow. And now we have Miami, Dallas, San Antonio feeling some serious heat, with Denver and Golden State playing some very exciting basketball.

This ride is going to be wild. I approve.

ESPN asked me to hang out in the Conversation page on the game story for that Dallas vs. Golden State game. Come on over if you'd like.

UPDATE: A couple of Dallas vs. Golden State notes I just learned: with DeSagana Diop in the game, the Mavericks were +8. Without him, they were -20. Wonder if that's goodbye, small ball.

Funny quote from Great 125 ongreat125 on the Conversation page:

warriors fans, you dont seem to realize that the mavs have been through everything you guys are goin through. we had don nelson and a bunch of mismatches and shot a bunch of 3's. it doesnt work. it makes things interesting but it wont defeat a better team.

I don't agree that Golden State has no chance. But funny idea that the Mavericks were the Warriors ... As in: That's so eighties.