Monday Bullets

  • The researcher whose study says NBA referees demonstrate racial bias has been attacked by the NBA as malinformed, claiming they have better (but private) information that proves him wrong. In a must-read Lester Munson article on ESPN.com, Wolfers says: "I told them I would come into their office, do the work with them watching, and give them the results under a confidentiality agreement. They were not interested." Also, a blogger does a better job than the NBA at poking holes in that study.

  • Matt from BlogaBull sifts through the wreckage. "Nocioni," he notes, "was aggressively awful."

  • Ettore Messina of CSKA Moscow has been rumored to be a candidate to coach an NBA team, and at the Euroleague Final Four Jonathan Givony of DraftExpress asked him about the chance European coaches will be coming to the NBA: Coach Messina was a bit taken a back at first, shrugging and saying 'I didn't know.' He then recovered and replied, 'Life is strange,' and then continued 'I hope they don't fire me in CSKA.' Messina took another question before switching his attention abruptly back to the NBA, asking me jokingly if I had 'any news on coaching openings?' and then telling us that 'in the beginning of the season I had a Toronto Raptors t-shirt sent to me by Maurizio Gherardini. I wanted to come to the press conference with the t-shirt, just as a joke to give you guys something to write about.'"

  • The Painted Area with more news from the European games.

  • An article claiming Baron Davis is the best point guard in the NBA. It's from 2003. He's been great from time to time for a long time.

  • Golden State is not small.

  • Sergio Rodriguez, as discussed on the Starship Enterprise. Basketball shoes designed to look like a toy robot. Weird is the new cool.

  • ESPN's John Hollinger (Insider): "I went digging through the info on his player card, and remembered that Nowitzki did indeed hurt his ankle on March 28 against Milwaukee. No, I'm not launching an after-the-fact defense of Dirk. Regardless of how he felt, pretty much everybody is less than 100 percent this time of year, and besides, he couldn't have been hurt as badly as Baron Davis was in Game 6. Instead, my point is that this research caused me to stumble upon something vastly more enlightening -- the fact that Nowitzki wasn't nearly as good after the All-Star break as he was in the first half of the season. Check out his season splits, for instance, and look at that swan dive his numbers took in March and April. Better yet, go through his game log and look for the games with more than 30 points -- you'll notice there are 14 of them before the end of February, and none afterward. Seen in that context, Nowitzki's failure to deliver in the Golden State series wasn't some colossal collar job. It was the continuation of a second half that fell far short of what he accomplished in a sparkling first half ..."

  • Michael Grange of GlobeSports.com says we should believe Bryan Colangelo when he says he'll make a sincere attempt to bring back Sam Mitchell as coach of the Raptors.

  • The suggestion that one of the baskets in Detroit is tighter than the other one, knowledge of which could in theory be used to the home team's advantage. Crack-pot, paranoid, probably wrong ... but totally fascinating.

  • One thing Utah will do to Golden State: foul. A lot.

  • When did it get so hard to run the scoreboard in the corner of the TV? I remember when I was young, it would update so fast that if you watched the made bucket, then looked over at the corner of the screen, you'd be too slow to see the change take place. Now, in the time of instant messaging, the scorebox is slower than ever -- and yesterday at least twice the score was, for a short while, just plain wrong.

  • This is why beat writers tend to pick the home team.

  • The work NBA players do in the playoffs? It's mostly for free.

  • The NBA's plan to offer you whatever you want, in terms of online video, for $3 a pop. Not entirely new (they had a similar deal with Google video a while ago, but I only heard complaints about that) but welcome nonetheless. The holdup in getting more games online is logging all the video, but I'm certain that the best solution is to put all the video online and let the public log it, wiki-style. It could be done in a few months, instead of a few years. Watching basketball is one of those things people will do for free ...

  • Fixing the Lakers. Fixing the Mavericks. Fixing the Rockets.

  • The Cavaliers have not lost a game in a month.

  • John Amaechi points out that as far as NBA.com is concerned, he never came out of the closet.

  • People have long talked about how great basketball would be with 11-foot rims. (All the athleticism of the NBA, with all the dunking of the WNBA!) The idea is that it would inspire more teamwork, passing and the like. Bob Hill, Alton Lister, James Edwards and others may be on the sidelines of an 11-foot exhibition in Seattle.

  • The Blog Show is not dead.

  • Pat Riley reportedly just plunked down a fat chunk of change for a penthouse in Miami that won't be done for two years. He's serious when he says he has no plans to coach anywhere else. (via SportsbyBrooks)

  • More top ten ESPN commercials, if you will.