Utah: Can You Scream?

Perhaps the biggest mismatch of the playoffs so far was the Golden State crowd vs. the Dallas crowd.

A few days ago, while Dallas was embroiled in Game 6, in fact, I had an email exchange with Chris Gold, who is Dallas season ticket holder. I asked him what was wrong with the Dallas fans, who had been pathetically quiet much of the series.

He replied:

There is a bar in the American Airlines Center called Jack Daniel's Old No. 7.

Unfortunately, this is the place to see and be seen. The line to get in at halftime is easily 500 people deep. If you pay close attention to Dallas crowds during the third quarter, you will notice tons of empty seats. It's because everyone is in the damn bar. It is pathetic. The old Reunion Rowdies were true basketball fans and Reunion was a true basketball arena. No bars, no suites, two levels, all seats right on top of the action. I will never forget the 1984 series against the Lakers when we blew the top off that place (unfortunately Derek Harper dribbled out the clock in a tie game).

The "new" Dallas basketball crowd attends games because it is the "in" thing to do ... very similar to the "cocaine and boob job" crowd the Stars had during their Cup runs. They have no idea how much we suffered, or how difficult it is to attain our current talent level. Maybe it's the cavernous arena, maybe it's the fact that we can determine the magnitude of the game by how many H2s are in the parking lot, or maybe it's because we all expect to be in the Finals again. It drives all of us mad.

Let me end it with this: the dad and son in front of us left after Baron hit that running three at the shot clock to put the Warriors up nine! Can you believe or imagine that? One of the best games I've attended (the 85 point first half against Sacramento is first) and they leave early? Warriors never scored again after they left. Karma.

Learn from the mistakes of others, Salt Lake City. Be loud.