Toros face future in high-tech bras

The box score has been mined every which way -- the information age's next assault on the basketball status quo will likely be not in slicing and dicing data, but in collecting it. The optical tracking work, for instance, has huge implications.

The Spurs' D-League team, however, is digging into a different approach, borrowed from the English premiership. And it looks like a jog bra that Toros players wear under their jerseys. Andrew McNeill of 48 Minutes of Hell reports:

What this load meter is, specifically, is from Catapult Sports, “a world leader in wearable athlete tracking technology” based in Australia. What the system does, according to my basic understanding of it, is track almost everything imaginable on the player wearing it. Think of it like Google Analytics for athletes.

“Everything: speed, heart rate, distance covered,” Toros trainer Nixon Dorvilien said. “By gathering all that information, sometimes you’ll be able to tell if an athlete is being overtrained or how they’re recovering.”

The super high-tech undergarments not only measure heart rate, energy output and the like, but also movements in three dimensions.

Does jumping wear players out? Is that guy breathing hard because he is working intensely or because he's out of shape? Are there players who expend their energy in a way that is better for the long haul? These are the kinds of things the Toros will get to test.