Reggie's Last Game

ESPN's Michael Smith gets emotional about Reggie Miller handing the torch to Rip Hamilton:

Hamilton -- my goodness, this right here gave me goose bumps -- rebounds the last shot of Miller's career. ("That's going to be a trivia question," he said later.) Rip is at the foul line (the other line behind which Miller made his living) when Reggie goes to the bench to a standing ovation from the Conseco crowd, the Pacers, and the Pistons.

Rip makes both foul shots, of course, giving him 28 points for the night, one more than Reggie. Reggie finishes 11-for-16, Rip 10-for-16.


"I thought that it was somewhat prophetic," said Pistons president of basketball operations Joe Dumars. "Reggie has an incredible game to finish his career, and the guy who he's passing the torch to has the exact same kind of game.

I'm still shopping for a good career retrospective. Any suggestions?