TrueHoop Stat Geeks All Pick San Antonio and Detroit

Everyone's updated picks will be published soon. I have seen them and can tell you that every single stat expert believes San Antonio and Detroit will be moving on.

Utah draws a lot of admiration, and everyone acknowledges that a special performance by LeBron James could change things in the East. But, amazingly, the picks are perfectly consistent (except for my mom, who is going against her gut in an attempt to differentiate herself from the field to make up some ground).

Also, Justin Kubatko of Basketball-Reference.com might want to consider his jacket size. The winner's blazer will be his unless something crazy happens in the Finals. (UPDATE: Not true! It's a horse race! See below.) After picking every team in the second round, Kubatko went from a tie for first to a seven-point lead on Kevin Pelton, who works for the official website of the SuperSonics.

UPDATE: I am, apparently, not gifted at basic arithmetic. Upon review, Kubatko and Pelton are in fact currently tied. So buckle your seatbelts. Nipping at their heels, just three points back and capable of making it to first are David Berri -- the lead author of "The Wages of Wins" -- and Jeffrey Ma of ProTrade.