What's Next for the Nets?

John Hollinger breaks down some options in the New York Sun.

And I like his take, because while everyone else is dithering about "ooh, should they trade Jason Kidd?" Hollinger seems to sort things into useful categories: either win now or win later. If you're winning now, trade Richard Jefferson for help in the paint, and ride the Carter/Kidd combo 'til it croaks (which might have been last week).

Then there's the "win later" angle, which I'll let Hollinger explain:

The other option is what I call the "dynamite" strategy. This involves dealing Carter AND Kidd, because there's no point in doing one without doing the other. Trade Kidd and you end up with a young team surrounding a 30-year-old Carter who no longer has another veteran around to kick him in the rear when he starts loafing. Trade Carter and you take away the best scorer from a team that already had proven its inability to score in the halfcourt.

Either way it puts them farther from a title than they started, so at that point the obvious solution is to make a long-term play, build a new core around Jefferson, Nenad Krstic, and whatever pieces can be gleaned from the Kidd and Carter deals, and hope the kids gel relatively quickly.

My only worry is that I'm not at all sure Kidd or Carter would fetch all that much at this point. But if it makes sense for anyone to build for the future, it's the Nets who will have both the opportunity and the obligation to impress a whole bunch of new fans when the team moves to Brooklyn likely in 2009 or 2010.

Who knows if it'll happen, but I kind of hope it does. As I have written before, I'd love to see Jason Kidd play alongside Kobe Bryant. I think it is meant to be.