The Amare and Melo show

Kevin Clark of the Wall Street Journal says the Knicks have almost never had two players shoot as much as Carmelo Anthony and Amare Stoudemire do:

Last season, the teams' two superstars, Carmelo Anthony and Amar'e Stoudemire, became the first pair of Knicks to both average 19 shots per game since the Kennedy administration. The duo combined to take 46% of the team's shots last year on average, the highest percentage from any pair in franchise history. But here's the thing: The Knicks don't want anything to change.

Even with the addition of star center Tyson Chandler and the promotion of point guard, Toney Douglas, the Knicks don't expect many offensive tweaks. Coach Mike D'Antoni joked Tuesday that with Douglas playing point guard, Stoudemire and Anthony's shot totals are unlikely to drop because Douglas "might get killed if they do."

"I think, Carmelo will take 19, Amar'e will take 19 and that's about right. I thought our offense was good last year," D'Antoni said Tuesday. "We'll get better because they know each better but they definitely won't be going down."

In the Knicks' defense, they had the league's seventh-best offense last season. What held them back would seem to have been those same two players on the other end, where they also combined to star on the 22nd-best defense -- a ranking that would seem likely to improve with the presence of Tyson Chandler.

Nevertheless, would love to know how rare it has been in NBA history for teams with two guys dominating the rock to do well. If it's very rare, I suspect that's because having two guys dominate the shooting is a sign the team is not pinging the ball around the floor. And if you're not pinging the ball around the floor, you're almost certainly missing out on easy buckets from open guys.