Friday Bullets

  • The Cleveland Clinic spent a day with Chuck Hayes and declared his heart perfectly sound. Meanwhile, the Kings doctors had nearly a week with the guy and thought his heart was such a big worry his contract would have be voided, which it was. Now that he is back in a Kings uniform, with an extra million or so dollars in his pocket for his troubles, one big question is: will he ever be able to trust those team doctors again?

  • The other day Nicholas K. Peart wrote a powerful story of the fear and hassles of getting stopped and frisked, again and again, merely for, essentially, walking while black in New York City. At the end, he mentioned working with a group called the Brotherhood/Sister Sol which educates young black people about their rights. And today I learned that Amare Stoudemire is involved, too. So many players are so "safe" with their charitable efforts. This has a little edge to it. Don't know much about that organization, but I like that Stoudemire isn't sticking to the old script, and this is a no-brainer of a cause.

  • Exactly what it is Brook Lopez injured, and how that has worked out for other players.

  • Rob Mahoney for The New York Times says the Lakers picked a fine time to ditch Phil Jackson's favorite offense: "The triangle was designed to maximize marginal talent through smart cuts and purposeful ball movement, and the Lakers -– who will play Metta World Peace, Matt Barnes, Derek Fisher, Jason Kapono, Steve Blake, and Troy Murphy plenty this season –- could benefit from a system that maximized their talents."

  • The Pistons are now working with the magical powers one enormous new ottoman.

  • Notice how the Thunder are such a popular pick to make the Finals? Front-running is a new kind of stress and challenge. I suspect they'll handle it well, but it's real and it's new.

  • Muggsy Bogues, still feeling the love.

  • Rick Reilly's wallet honors Jimmer Fredette.

  • One of the worst things Samuel Dalembert could do for the Rockets' long-term development is help them squeak into the playoffs. The NBA is such a strange place.

  • In reaction to a thousand articles: A trade that everyone has agreed to except the owner is no trade at all. Unless there's new information out there, the Lakers didn't have Chris Paul but for a little hitch. They had an agreement that failed before it passed the big hurdle. That's precisely where most trades fail.

  • Holy cow, Gani Lawal was wide open under the basket. Check out the particulars of Kawhi Leanard's game-winner over Houston.

  • Pau Gasol found some stuff in his parents' closet that you might not want your kids to know about.

  • Matt Scribbins of Magic Basketball says that if he ran the Magic, he would not trade Dwight Howard, content to live with the cap relief if he walks. But if the team does trade him, Scribbins much prefers the Lakers, for several reasons, including this: "There used to be (still is?) a show on MTV called 'Is She Really Going Out With Him?' ... I can stomach Dwight wanting to leave the Magic for the Lakers. The Lakers have more history, media coverage, fans, etc. Whatever. I get it. Conversely, I would not be able to justify him wanting to leave the Magic to play for the Nets. The Nets may be moving to Brooklyn and are under the direction of a rock star owner, but they are not a better franchise than Orlando. Magic fans would constantly be saying 'did he really leave us for the Nets?'"

  • Warriors players discuss their Coach Mark Jackson's religious convictions. Monta Ellis as quoted by Marc Emmons in the Mercury News: "I've heard that he hasn't sworn in 25 years. That's good. I could learn from that."

  • J.E. Skeets puts the cold in cold-eyed realism.

  • Very little consensus about who's going to win the Southwest.

  • You can get bone spurs in your back?

  • First Father Time comes for your hops. Then your lateral movement. And eventually, he goes after your bank shot.

  • The geeky road map for Brandon Jennings to "arrive."