Report: Steve Kerr to Run Suns

Paul Coro of the Arizona Republic reports:

The Phoenix Suns plan to name Steve Kerr as the team's President of Basketball Operations and General Manager in the coming days, replacing Mike D'Antoni as the team GM to keep his focus on coaching.

Kerr, an original partner in Suns Managing Partner Robert Sarver's 2004 purchase of the franchise, will complete his duties as a TNT analyst for the Eastern Conference finals before the team makes the announcement next week. Kerr, who helped facilitate Sarver's opportunity to buy the Suns, has been one of Sarver's trusted advisors in basketball decisions over the past three years.

D'Antoni will maintain the title of Executive Vice President of Basketball Operations but will report to Kerr.

Wow. And I just spent the last three hours listening to him call the Cleveland vs. Detroit game, and he didn't say a word about it. I feel a little betrayed.

UPDATE: In January, Suns owner Robert Sarver was on Sports Business Radio, and host Brian Berger asked him about Kerr. Sounds like Kerr has been a force with the Suns for a while:

Sarver: We talk on a pretty regular basis. I probably talk to Steve one to three times a week. He follows the team closely. He is someone whose judgment I respect, and, you know, he's involved in our major decisions.

Berger: I think he'd be a terrific GM some day. Do you think he'd ever take that step?

Sarver: You know, maybe ... I'll tell you what I really think he'd like to do is coach.

Berger: Interesting.

Sarver: Whatever he does -- coaching, general manager, or working with the league -- whatever it is, if it has anything to do with basketball, I think he's going to be successful.