Gleaning Bits and Pieces from Chad Ford's Latest Mock Draft

At Chicago's ninth pick, ESPN Insider Chad Ford writes: "This pick could also be a target for the Blazers. They'd love to get their hands on Jeff Green or Julian Wright. The Bulls could trade this pick and P.J. Brown (in a sign-and-trade) for Zach Randolph."

The Bulls, Ford says, are hungry for Yi Jianlian, who might be too high risk for the Celtics, who could probably get him fifth.

Ford talks to a lot of GMs. This is fascinating insight. The ninth pick and re-signed P.J. Brown sounds like one of the more sensible Zach Randolph rumors I have heard (assuming we ignore the Detroit columnist who recommended the Pistons offer Tayshaun Prince).

Then the question becomes, what might the Bulls be able to offer Boston for that fifth pick? It would seem like there might be some way for this trade idea to get bigger -- maybe as a three-way with Portland, or maybe with some other teams getting involved.

Ford also says the latest intelligence is that Atlanta will most likely take Brandan Wright third.