He is Mike Conley and I Am Chad Ford

ESPN Insider Chad Ford is in Italy, so I have the honor of keeping the seat warm on the Daily Dish podcast for a few days.

My first guest is Mike Conley, Sr., who is the NBA's newest agent. Working with Bill Duffy, Conley is representing Greg Oden and his own son Mike Conley, Jr., in the upcoming draft.

Conley tells how he progressed from being the Olympic gold medalist in the triple jump in Barcelona to one of the NBA's heavyweight agents. I asked him if he has any special insight as to what Portland will do with that top pick, where his son might end up, and whether or not Greg Oden can connect to fans better than Tim Duncan has so far.

He also says that it's unlikely his two clients will end up as teammates in the NBA, and adds that they are both OK with that.