Friday Bullets

  • Underappreciated in this series: Manu Ginobili. (Thanks to TrueHoop reader Anthony for putting these numbers together based on Popcorn Machine box scores.) This is one of those instances when plus/minus can make you aware of something that wasn't otherwise evident. Consider this: over the four games of this series, the Spurs outscored the Cavaliers when Tim Duncan, Tony Parker, or Bruce Bowen were on the bench. But when Manu Ginobili was on the bench, they were -18. In total, the Spurs were +64 with Ginobili on the floor compared to when he was off, +22 with Duncan, +18 with Bowen, and +12 with Parker. (Even in his "miserable" 0-7 Game 3, Ginobili was +11, second only to Brent Barry.) Yet somehow Manu Ginobili didn't even enter the MVP discussion.

  • The Akron Beacon Journal's Brian Windhorst: "Overall, it was a tremendous season by the Cavs. They should be celebrated and lauded for so many different reasons. But the pain they are currently experiencing is just as important. Sometimes it takes crushing defeat to be forced into fixing what needs to be fixed. This goes for Danny Ferry, this goes for Mike Brown and this goes for LeBron James. The Cavs need some more dynamic offense players, they need a more dynamic offensive system and they need their most dynamic player to become more complete."

  • I met "The Cavalier" of YAYSports fame at the game last night and he showed me a secret from his movie. It's a real secret. I'm not telling.

  • Respect for Tony Parker. And for Tim Duncan.

  • One last time sitting in for ESPN's Chad Ford on The Daily Dish. This time my guest is Filip Bondy, author of "Tip Off: How the 1984 NBA Draft Changed Basketball Forever" which is a doggedly researched tale with a lot of lessons for 2007. Great anecdote about Charles Barkley trying to gorge his way to wealth.

  • Full Court NBA Blog: Please give it up for Robert Horry, the league's Most Band-Wagoning Player!

  • Want to get into coaching? You have to start somewhere. Charlie Ward, high school assistant coach.

  • Reportedly spotted getting to know the city of Seattle: Kevin Durant. Also, interestingly, representatives for both Oden and Durant say their players will not work out for the Sonics. If I were Seattle, I'd leak word that they are considering Al Horford or someone with the second pick, just to at least see if they can tease out one good private workout of their future.

  • On the other hand, maybe workouts aren't all they're cracked up to be. Here's what always got me: every player has some good workouts and some bad ones, and every team knows this. So if you draft the guy who happens to have a good workout for you, aren't you putting a ot of your decision making in the hands of random chance?

  • Memphis enjoyed their private workout with Mike Conley, and say he hits floaters like Tony Parker.

  • Yi Jianlian has a blog. The way we're headed, half NBA will be blogging, and that will be amazing. They'll compete to relate more meaningfully with fans.

  • Remember that documentary about the Palestra I blogged about months ago? Coming to a television near you. Also in hoop documentary news, there's a new one about basketball in Senegal.