Michael Jordan Loves Tinker Hatfield

Hatfield is the guy who designs a lot of Air Jordan shoes, including the latest one which, I kid you not, has a mosaic of images representing Jordans twenty years at Nike.

Jordan gushes about Hatfield to Kerry Eggers of the Portland Tribune.

"Tinker said he wanted to find ways of instituting 20 years of my life into the shoe itself to tell a story," Jordan says. "We came up with the different types of symbols and what they represent in my life. I wanted to know how he was going to be able to do that and how the consumer would adapt to it.
"I like the idea that it is very creative and hadn't been done. We're telling a huge story. Knowing our fan base has been following us for 20 years, it was intriguing, sort of a mystery, and a chance for them to understand history. All I did was tell the stories. Tinker came up with the symbols. Both of us were able to find something the consumer could relate to."
AJ XX is Jordan's favorite of all, "by far," he says. "It tells the history of my life and my time with Nike."