To Opponents, Acie Law is the Truth

Penn's Steven Danley has played against a lot of the players in this year's draft, and writes in The New York Times about some of those he likes the most (Acie Law, Glen Davis, Jeff Green, Demetris Nichols) and the least (Josh McRoberts, Brandan Wright, Sean Williams, Darryl Watkins). His comments about Acie Law were especially memorable:

When we were preparing to play Texas A. & M. in the tournament, the scouting report pointed out an amazing stat. In the last two minutes of close basketball games, Law outscored the entire opposing team. It wasn't until we actually played him that I understood what that stat meant. For most of the game Law was content to set up his teammates, trying to involve everyone in the game. Coming down the stretch in the second half he went for the jugular and ran off a couple of quick buckets to put us away. Say what you want about his skills or his quickness, but if you have to win a game, you want this kid on the court.