Just Pick Me Already Update

I just met Petteri Koponen (who is sitting immediately behind Marco Belinelli). Koponen says his last workout was the one with Zabian Dowdell and others in San Antonio. He is all dressed up, hanging out with his family (sea of blond!) and when I asked how he's feeling he surveyed the jammed theater, the bright lights, and all the hoopla, and he rubbed his chest in a kind of satisfied way and said "excited!" He says he has no idea where he will go.
Moments ago, I also talked to Jared Dudley, who is home with his family and says that he too has no idea where he'll go. "The only guy who knows that," he says, "is Greg Oden."

I have heard that Zabian Dowdell -- who never made it to that Seattle workout thanks to some kind of weather trouble at the Dallas airport, where he was due to connect -- is also home with his family, excited and ready to watch the draft and put his mind at rest.

Morris Almond, meanwhile, promises another update in the days to come.