David Thorpe Gives Sam Presti an A+

Kevin Durant said yesterday that he did not need to be a savior in Seattle, because Ray Allen was there. Now Ray Allen is not there.

It's a bit of a dizzying set of changes for Seattle. Does it all make sense?

ESPN's David Thorpe is all for it. He says:

Sam Presti is hitting the reset button. Now Wally Szczerbiak starts at the two. They will probably move one of their point guards, Luke Ridnour or Earl Watson. Delonte West is a fabulous guy, and he'll give you some good minutes.

Then Jeff Green is an off the charts good person, and probably the best player in this draft -- except for maybe Julian Wright -- to play alongside Kevin Durant. He can help the team without needing the ball, while being your third go-to guy.

I don't think they really have a center. But now maybe you can sign-and-trade Rashard Lewis for someone. I don't think it will happen, but perhaps a point guard and Lewis could get you Jermaine O'Neal. Remember: Indiana is desperate for point guards.

But you certainly don't have to say goodbye to Lewis. He can stay and it would be fine. Kevin Durant, Rashard Lewis, and Jeff Green can all play multiple positions. Even if Kevin Durant comes off the bench and plays 30 minutes, like Ben Gordon did in Chicago, then that would be fine.

Sam Presti has made a great start.