Thursday Bullets

  • Why did the owners cancel all those games in a fight to aggressively reduce player salaries? By and large, so that small market owners wouldn't feel so much financial pain. Meanwhile, here's a nice little video peek at Jazz owner Greg Miller's massive Landcruiser collection. I don't begrudge him his cars or his success. Not one tiny bit. I'm merely aware that if videos like this -- of something literally ripped from the pages of Richie Rich -- you forfeit all right to ever claim poverty or anything like it.

  • An open letter to James Dolan: "I’m ready to go to work, boss. Together, we will march to Bethlehem on a road paved with our enemies’ bones. Get the me on the blower and we’ll embark on this magical journey together. Better yet, stand in the middle of a grassy field (any field will do) flap your arms wildly, and let out a joyous, Whitman-esque yawp. Somehow my soul will know and I’ll come a runnin’. Signed, Your Future Head Coach, Robert Silverman"

  • On the idea Kevin Durant might tear up his contract for a smaller one, for the sake of team-building. Short version: He can't. But he would consider it, if it were legal, he says.

  • Dirk Nowitzki "shuts it down."

  • John Hollinger (Insider) can't believe the Timberwolves didn't lock up Kevin Love for as long as possible: "Rather than beginning to cement the core of one of the most improved teams in basketball, Minnesota started the clock ticking on its best player's departure. Love's family is from Southern California, and the Lakers won't have any contracts in three years; you do the math. Yes, Love could extend the deal before then, but he'd be able to extend it by only two seasons in 2014; he might decide it's better off to force a trade and re-sign (or extend) in his new digs. At best, the Wolves have created some needless drama for the next two seasons in return for a dubious advantage of paying Love for three years instead of for five. On a day when nearly every other decision made perfect sense, this one still has me scratching my head in bewilderment."

  • Watch Jimmer Fredette not getting it done in the NBA, remember David Thorpe saying before the draft that his challenge would be to be quick with the ball. There are opportunities galore for him after a dribble or two, fewer after he dribbles out the clock looking for something better.

  • Wizards need to think like ex-smokers.

  • Blake Griffin made some highlights last night.

  • Kyle Weidie of Truth About It: "Did Trevor Booker laugh at Andray Blatche getting rejected at the rim by Tyrus Thomas, and then attempt to hold a straight face as he walked by Blatche heading into the timeout? He sure did." There's video.

  • Shockingly bad numbers from the Bobcats.

  • A whiff of optimism in Orlando.