Touchdown in Las Vegas

This is going to be a strange week on TrueHoop.

  • For one thing, there is the chunk of time I'll lose going back and forth to Las Vegas for summer league, where I arrived very late last night.

  • For another thing, there is the reality that now that I am in Las Vegas, I have to carefully plan every moment of every day to see to it that I spend no time at all away from air conditioning. (Last time I was here I walked almost everywhere to avoid the long cab lines of All-Star Weekend. This time, that will not be my plan. Even just a few moments' stroll in this heat -- although today is much cooler than it has been -- can be fatal to any semblance of professional appearance.)

  • The main thing that's going to be different, though? I'm determined to use this time to ferret out some stories you won't hear everywhere else. It's a special opportunity. In the city right now are hundreds of players and people that you just don't get to talk to every day, and I intend to make the most of that by really getting to know some of them in a way that I can tell you about. I'll be working as much as ever, but I'll be dedicating longer chunks of time to telling deeper, more interesting stories. Which means that there will undoubtedly be some breaks in my usual routine of passing along every little tidbit of NBA information I get my hands on, like the state of Ime Udoka's contract negotiations, or the cost of the wine Gregg Popovich reportedly ordered at a Paris restaurant last weekend. (Fun tidbit from the past about Popovich and wine.)