Kyrylo Fesenko Must Play in the NBA

Ross Siler of the Salt Lake Tribune explains why:

Fesenko's agent, Jason Levien, said last week that his client is committed to not throwing away whatever money he makes in the NBA. As part of that, Fesenko asked Levien to find him a car -- and I'm not making this up -- in the $3,000 to $4,000 range.

That would make Fesenko the first player in league history to drive a worse car than the reporters who cover the team. We're wondering if Larry Miller, with seemingly every car dealership in Utah, can help Fesenko find something a little more respectable.

The Jazz are still trying to find a way for him to play in the Rocky Mountain Revue, but the car question seemed far more interesting Monday.

Here was Fesenko's explanation: "I am not actually NBA player right now, and I'm not really good driver. I need something cheap that if I get some problems, it wasn't so bad on my soul."

There is some question if Fesenko is actually licensed to drive. He said he was in Ukraine, but told a story of the first time he got behind the wheel. Somehow he started in a field, but wound up nearly driving off a cliff with his girlfriend in the car.

"Her face like white," he said.

He's a funny guy, too. Asked how he spent practice on the sidelines, Fesenko said he "rode bicycle to Ukraine." Laughter ensued. He spent 40 minutes on a stationary bike and is desperate to play a little 5-on-5.

Levien is here at summer league, and says that just about five hours ago it was all arranged that Fesenko would indeed be allowed to play in the Rocky Mountain Revue. Levien says Fesenko is "so happy!"