TrueHoop TV: Kings slipping out the back door?

The Sonics got so much attention as they parted with Seattle. Now the Kings and Sacramento are going through a dance with similar stakes, and ... well what is going on exactly?

On TrueHoop TV we catch up with James Ham. He's a killer blogger for the TrueHoop Network's Cowbell Kingdom, and also one of a crew who made a new documentary, on a shoestring budget, about the state of the Kings. It's called "Small Market, Big Heart."

Here is a peek at Ham's documentary, Small Market Big Heart:

On Cowbell Kingdom, Rob McAllister details mayor Kevin Johnson's plan to keep the team. Reading the tea leaves, it looks like a plan to finance a new arena by selling parking rights for the long-haul may actually work. It also appears that the March 1 deadline to have it all figured out -- the scariest rhetoric out there for Kings fans hangs on this -- is flexible. McAllister writes:

The Maloofs have stated that the March 1st date is “flexible” and it seems NBA Commissioner David Stern is willing to give Sacramento a longer leash after seeing what Johnson and his Think Big Sacramento team have accomplished in just ten months. The mayor has likely earned the city until March of next year before a move is discussed again. (I also believe further studies on Anaheim or other locations will be done now that there is revenue sharing to help small-market cities.) ...

Too many signs point to a return next year. Nothing is guaranteed, but a move would be surprising given the astounding progress on the arena project in such a short timeframe. Although the mayor probably wishes otherwise, the financing plan may not be in place by March 1st. But, the relocation date is no longer the death sentence it appeared to be just a few months ago either.