Wednesday Bullets

  • Brandon Jennings did something over the summer that makes the little cutout of his head move way up on this cool chart of point guard offensive efficiency.

  • Top ten blocks of the month. You know what it makes me think? A lot of blockers swing their hand straight at the ball, as if to stop it dead in its tracks, or shove it back in the driver's face. Pushing it sideways, though, takes far less force to push the ball way off course and almost guarantee a miss. If you meet the guy at the rim, and push the ball a little back, he might muscle through and dunk on you anyway. But if you push the ball a little left, say, the forces are on your side. I know this because I took karate for a few weeks in middle school, and the teacher used to have the big kid try to jab you with a broom handle. Push it back at him and it hurts. Push it to the side, though, and he can never get you.

  • Joakim Noah says his contract got to his head a bit. Sources also say he worked out, but played precious little real basketball in the lockout, because of a twisted ankle. Whether it was a question of getting his rhythm, or refinding his happy place as a rebounder and passer, things have changed lately. He opened the season taking 12 shots, which is a big number, especially when you only make three. That was a trend -- a fairly high usage rate, with fairly low percentages. In the last five games, though, his rebounding percentages are way up, and, interestingly, so are his assists, from 1.6 per game to 4.4 over the last five. Game score is kind of like a one-game PER. In the first 17 games his averaged 7.15. Over the last five, it's 16.82.

  • A big list of amazing dunks that, surprisingly, features very little Michael Jordan.

  • Casey Jacobsen tells SLAM about like with Darko Milicic: "It’s nearly impossible to explain the weirdness that is Darko, but he told me one time that he did not keep his money in any bank, nor did he invest in stocks or bonds. 'I just keep it,' he told me and then turned away. Looking back, I should have asked a follow-up question. I don’t know if I believe him, but he was making over $6 million that season. That’s a lot of cheddar to stash underneath a mattress! On another note… that was easily the longest conversation we ever had, and that was how he preferred it." There's also some nice insight into coaching Amare Stoudemire.

  • This looks important, but I'm thinking too fast to really focus on it right now.

  • It's hard to be Deron Williams.