NBA Today: Daryl Morey and Al Harrington

Kind of a hilarious day on the NBA Today podcast. Houston GM Daryl Morey tells us why he started the MIT Sloan Sports Analytics conference, why he thinks geeks are cool, muses about why the NBA might be so popular this season, and notes that a lot of players are playing through complete exhaustion.

And then we call our next guest, Nuggets forward Al Harrington, who is prepping for the third of three games in as many days, and flew home late last night after a West Coast game.

And we wake him up.

At least, I'm pretty sure we did. Because the first time we called, he didn't answer, and the second time we called he had that groggy sound.

But he woke up fast, and told us all kinds of stuff. He's having his best NBA season ever, but is not on the All-Star ballot, which he admits to having noticed. He also says the Nuggets are definitely contenders.

And the most interesting stuff is when he gets to talking about all the coaches he has played for: Larry Bird, Isiah Thomas, Rick Carlisle, Mike Woodson, Don Nelson, Mike D'Antoni and George Karl. Harrington really raves about one of those guys.

The NBA Today podcast with Daryl Morey and Al Harrington.