Friday Bullets

  • Ethan Sherwood Strauss doesn't think it's crazy to think some other East forwards ought to start over Carmelo Anthony: "Now, the narrative is about how the Knicks only need a point guard, an animating force that would finally allow Carmelo’s obvious star to rise. Well, stars who shoot efficiently, play defense, and pass the rock can manage just fine without such help. The Heat were a terror with Mike Bibby as starting point guard, the Lakers have traditionally been decent with Derek Fisher. In Dallas, Jason Kidd plays point from his rocking chair. Maybe we should stop focusing on what factors hinder a star we all 'know' to be great. Maybe we should start parsing why he isn’t a star in the first place, and why someone like Josh Smith or Andre Iguodala is."

  • Rob Mahoney of The Two Man Game on Dirk Nowitzki as an All-Star: "It’s not that his case is weak; a case for Dirk simply cannot be made." He's right. But if I had to make a case anyway it would be this: If it's a full-season honor, not a first-half season honor (an open question) then you have to start counting in the middle of last season. And we all know what happened from that point on.

  • This is must-read. The Wizards have a selfishness problem. And they have stickers as a solution. And science suggests that's a brilliant solution, with very deep roots.

  • Beckley Mason of HoopSpeak on Chris Paul: "His intelligence inhabits the entire offense. It’s not mind control, but it’s close."

  • Danny Nowell of Magic Basketball on the same thing: "Watching Chris Paul with good teammates is like watching those torture interrogators in spy movies; he just keeps pulling new and horrifying tricks out of his bag and being all 'So you still won’t talk, eh?'"

  • Zach Harper calls, essentially, for Rick Adelman to "unfree" Darko: "It’s not Darko’s fault that he was selected second in a historical 2003 draft class. He instantly had expectations and stigmas strapped to his shoulders. Fairly or unfairly, he didn’t live up to what people wanted him to be in comparison to his draft mates. At a certain point, the Wolves have to stop trying to justify the contract they gave him and realize he hurts the team far more than he ever helps it. With the emergence of Nikola Pekovic as a presence over the past five games, it’s seems clear to me that if the Wolves are going to be traditionally big with their lineups, then they need stop wasting starts with Darko and input Pek into the starting lineup."

  • Every club in the English premiership has signed a sports charter addressing homophobia and transphobia that calls for clubs to "challenge unacceptable behavior."

  • When will Kenyon Martin be free to join the Clippers?

  • Greg Oden's knee saga, chapter n + 1.

  • Ever wonder what Nicolas Batum is thinking?