Brian Berger: Durant Signs With Nike

Posted by Kelly Dwyer

Brian Berger of Sports Business Radio is reporting that Kevin Durant has signed a multi-year endorsement deal with Nike. Durant had been rumored to be leaning toward Nike for a while now, apparently against the wishes of both his family and agent Aaron Goodwin -- who was due to take a cut of the deal if it vaulted beyond $40-million dollars in total. According to Berger, Goodwin and Durant's family wanted Kevin to sign with adidas, whose offer was rumored to have crossed that $40-million dollar threshold. Berger writes:

Was Goodwin successful in securing a $40M from Nike in order to secure a commission for himself? My sources tell me that as of late Friday, Nike was not budging from their final offer, which was south of $40M. Did Nike ultimately meet Goodwin's asking price of $40M? That's what I'll be trying to find out in the coming days.

Again, as I wrote last week, my guess here is that even if the deal was south of $40M, the Goodwin camp will lead people to believe that it was for at least $40M so it looks like Goodwin got paid on the deal.

(UPDATE: Darren Rovell is also hearing the same thing. Flip o' the collar to Tom Ziller at the FanHouse for the heads-up.)