Wednesday Packers

Posted by Kevin Arnovitz

  • Talented 20-year-old Ersan Ilyasova has left the Bucks for AXA FC Barcelona. Word is that there weren't enough Turks in Milwaukee.

  • Since TrueHoop belongs to Henry Abbott, I feel compelled to offer up the compulsory Blazer bit. The Oregonian's Jason Quick reports that Blazer team psychologist Dana Sinclair and Blazer assistant coach Monty Williams have been helping Martell Webster work through some issues. '"[Sinclair] has been an inspiration to me,' Webster said. 'She just really cleared my head up with a lot of things. I was able to get a lot of things off my chest, so I thank her for that. And I had an open talk with Coach Monty, which really helped me a lot. It made things clearer for me, so I really respect the fact that those two took the time to sit down with me and hear what I had to say. I got some positive info back, as well as some negative, but I think it all helped me.'"

    Sinclair has worked with a host of NBA, NHL, and MLB teams. She's also the former captain of the Canadian National Women's Field Hockey Team. Webster is one of Portland's 47 rostered players.

  • At HoopsHype, David Friedman looks at John MacLeod's stellar 1975-1976 Phoenix Suns team.

  • Yes, he'll be here tomorrow, but Brian Windhorst has an extensive Cavs Summer League wrap up today, including news that "the Cavs are considering opening the regular season with Larry Hughes at point guard."

  • Manute Bol: Kansas Citian. Something else you didn't know: "Kansas City is the cultural capital for those of southern Sudanese descent living in America, a place where decisions are made on everything from beauty pageants to ideas to aid their homeland."

    The piece by Candace Buckner of the Kansas City Star touches on Bol's near-fatal car accident at the hands of a drunk driver and the efforts by his friends, including Chris Mullin, to raise money to help pay Bol's medical expenses.

  • Summer is the time to develop nicknames. The Basketball Jones contines its campaign for GODE. Meanwhile, Slam Online thinks that Deron Williams can do a whole lot better than "DWill."