Open season on Tim Donaghy

Posted by Brian Windhorst

--The New York Times has an overview and says a grand jury in Brooklyn is reviewing the case.

--Several people have e-mailed information from Elias Sports Bureau: Donaghy worked 68 games in 2005-06 and 63 games last season including five playoff games. Bill Simmons wrote about Game 3 of this season's Spurs-Suns game and Donaghy's calls.

--All sorts of Donaghy stories will come out of the woodwork now, and here's one of them involving Rasheed Wallace. Wallace was suspended for this incident.

--Donaghy was one of the officials during the brawl in Detroit in 2004 as well.

--On the bright side, Mr. Donaghy's lasik surgery recently came out great.

--Nate Jones of Fanhouse thinks he should be bothered by referee scandal, but he's not.

--In 2005, Donaghy was sued by one of his neighbors. I can't provide a link for it, but I pulled a piece of the article off a subscription archive service from the Philadelphia Inquirer. It reads:

NBA official Timothy Donaghy, no stranger to discord, was sued last week for harassment and invasion of privacy. The suit was filed in Chester County Court by his next-door neighbors, Peter and Lisa Mansueto of East Bradford Township, who have tangled in court with Donaghy before.

The Mansuetos, who own a hardwood-flooring company in West Chester, allege that Donaghy has stalked them and vandalized their property. In addition, the suit suggests that Donaghy is a serial menace, having been disruptive previously in both West Goshen and Haverford Townships.

Donaghy, 38, in his 11th NBA season, said Wednesday that he had not seen the suit, but added that he was not surprised.

"Unfortunately, it hasn't worked out with us as neighbors, and we've elected to move," he said. "In the future, we wish them [the Mansuetos] the best of luck."

I could not find an article on how, if ever, it was resolved.

--David Stern just issued a new statement:

"As we previously stated, we have been cooperating with the FBI in their investigation of allegations that a single NBA referee bet on NBA games that he officiated. As part of that cooperation, we were asked by the Government not to comment about the investigation, but in light of the widespread press coverage and the naming of the referee, Tim Donaghy, we consider it appropriate to make a fuller statement. We would like to assure our fans that no amount of effort, time or personnel is being spared to assist in this investigation, to bring to justice an individual who has betrayed the most sacred trust in professional sports, and to take the necessary steps to protect against this ever happening again. We will have more to say at a press conference that will be scheduled for next week."

Based on that, it sounds like the NBA is convinced he is guilty. Nothing about letting the legal process play out or anything. The report given to Mr. Stern must have left little doubt.

--David Aldridge has a more wide-ranging story from Philadelphia, where this has to be a mega story. There is a long and proud history of officials and umpires from the Philly area.