Monday Bullets

  • Did you catch the insinuation here that somebody -- the suggestion is the NBA -- hired a private investigator to investigate Tim Donaghy last year?

  • CNBC's Darren Rovell has some numbers showing teams are beating the "over" in Donaghy-reffed games a lot more in the last couple of years. Rovell says Donaghy is historically a referee whose games are lower scoring than anticipated by Las Vegas, but in the last two years that trend totally changed.

  • Donaghy has led the league in fouls called lately.

  • Lebron James on Jimmy Kimmel Live from a couple of weeks ago. James talks about his nickname LeBreezey, and he may or may not say that "Uncle Wes" gave that to him. I can't tell. The best part is Kimmel making fun of James' house plans, mainly the enormous sculpture of his own face on the front. James laughs heartily at himself, which is always nice.

  • Stars of summer league. Jose Juan Barea gets love.

  • Basketbawful on the shooting sleeve: "What it's supposed to do: Keep the shooting arm warm, prevent muscles from cramping or overstretching, and help you maintain proper shooting form. What it actually does: Looks cool. Makes your arm sweaty."

  • eBay took this funny auction down, but not before someone made a jpg out of it.

  • A close look at Tim Donaghy games involving New York and New Jersey.

  • A Tim Donaghy wiki project. His entry on wikipedia is solid, but has been under attack by vandals.

  • Pray your children grow up to be like Steve Nash.

  • Allen Iverson, as quoted by ESPN News Services, talking about Michael Vick: "You know, I don't think it's fair to say, 'Stay away from the people you grew up with. It's hard to have a relationship with people once you're already rich. You have to have a relationship with the same people you grew up with. But at the same time, you've got to make sure the guys are not hurting you. You've got to be smart enough to know when they're hurting you and when they're helping you." Fair point about making friends. That makes sense. But, in addition to not hurting you or your celebrity, I think it'd be nice to make sure your friends aren't doing insane, stupid, or cruel things. Be a professional. Be a leader. Have a certain way that you do things at your house that is about more than just you.

  • Also, remember Qyntel Woods got in trouble for dogfighting? What's the difference? Why was his not such a big deal? The case that gambling real money attracts officials.

  • More trouble for Tim Donaghy: thinking about who might want to sue him.

  • The Suns' style of play is awesome for the NBA. Here's the case that their money management is terrible for the NBA.

  • As I have linked to many times before, Brian Berger of Sports Business Radio has been all over Kevin Durant's shoe deal. In the process, he has made some people angry. Nate Jones speaks for the angered.

  • A rumor that Greg Oden's poor play in summer league might have ushered in his urgent need for tonsil surgery. If you take his poor play as a sign of fatigue, I could see the team making that kind of decision. Why force a tired and sick guy to put off surgery for summer league?

  • Wouldn't a Stephon Marbury vs. LeBron James spat be a nice little sideshow?

  • Team USA going to scrimmage against Brandon Roy and others.

  • Mark Cuban has the wisdom: "The NBA took a hit today. Behind that hit is a catalyst and opportunity for significant change that could make the NBA stronger than it ever has been. It's a chance to proactively put in place people, processes and transparency that will forever silence those who will question the NBA's integrity. I have complete confidence that David Stern and Adam Silver will do just that and the NBA and our officiating will be all the stronger for it."