Tuesday Bullets

  • Miss Gossip, on the FanHouse, is the clubhouse leader when it comes to NBA limericks: "For Boston the trade comes in handy, But what makes the Celtics so dandy? After thinking a while, KG said with a smile, 'The reunion with Olowokandi!'"

  • ESPN's Marc Stein is still all over the news of this Garnett trade. In his latest blog post (Insider) he writes: "The trade is going to happen. It's merely a matter of when. A press conference to formally announce Kevin Garnett's move to Boston remains a possibility for late Tuesday afternoon, but it might have to wait until Wednesday. Either way, there is nothing in circulation to suggest that this trade can disintegrate now. The word circulating in front-office circles Tuesday morning is that Garnett's concerns have generally been addressed and that the deal is on the verge of done-ness, with a trade call expected to take place to the league office this afternoon."

  • Empty the Bench tracks the personalities.

  • Kevin McHale has always been a great Celtic, writes Bill Simmons, and by trading Kevin Garnett, he might be serving the franchise as well as ever. Simmons also makes a great point: "Minny is rebuilding around Jefferson, Corey Brewer, Randy Foye, Gerald Green and Ryan Gomes ... ironically, the same core (along with Paul Pierce) that Boston could have had if it kept its last two first-round picks. So we get to see how it would have worked out if Boston hadn't done anything. It's like watching the Bizarro Celtics."

  • ESPN's John Hollinger (Insider) makes an interesting point about Minnesota: "... a finished KG deal would mean it's time to break out the dynamite in the Twin Cities. Now that Garnett's appears to be gone, there's no point in keeping around vets like Juwan Howard, Marko Jaric, Troy Hudson, Trenton Hassell and Mark Blount -- any or all of them could be dealt or bought out in the coming months. The only question left is who will do the blasting -- a consummated Garnett trade could set the table for team president Kevin McHale to give way and allow former Timberwolf Fred Hoiberg to run the team, a change most Wolves fans would heartily welcome."

  • Derek Anderson shows up in some of the Bobcats' most effective lineups.

  • Post-Donaghy: Wondering about some of the bad calls in recent NBA history.

  • No one doubts that Zach Randolph can play basketball. But some say he's a problem off the court, and he has had his run-ins. Is he a problem off the court? See for yourself.

  • Holy cow, this is one big mother of a list of NBA blog links.

  • Allen Iverson in college.

  • Tired of people walking off with your basketball, claiming it's theirs? Get the thing a tattoo.

  • The Lakers likely didn't get Kevin Garnett. But they did get Coby Karl!

  • The "David Stern organized this trade to deflect attention from the referee scandal" conspiracy theory.

  • Examining how rookies have panned out over the last 16 years, "Wages of Wins" author David Berri finds trends that say, essentially, Renaldo Balkman will likely be good, while Adam Morrison, Rudy Gay, and Andrea Bargnani will likely be disappointments.

  • The Olympic torch will be traveling really far before it gets to Beijing in the summer of 2008.

  • Carnival of the NBA.

  • Even after news of Kevin Garnett hit, bettors still like Miami more than Boston in the East.

  • The man who took the photo that became the logo of the NBA.

  • Gilbert Arenas, expensive cars, and a blogger's stolen minivan full of liquor bottles all in one fancy post.

  • Agents of borderline NBA players, get ye to Boston where roster spots await.

  • What Miami fans can expect from Smush Parker.

  • UPDATE: Remember when Morris Almond used to write for TrueHoop? Now he's clacking away at FreeDarko's typewriter.

  • UPDATE: It has been a wild month for the Northwest Division.

  • UPDATE: Chicago Sun-Times columnist Michael Sneed has a bit of Kobe Bryant gossip. Sneed says Bryant was seen in Chicago (the city where he reportedly wants to play) being obnoxious as he was turned away from a nightclub late at night.