Pitcher Mike Bacsik Has a Maverick Heart

In today's New York Times, Lee Jenkins profiles Mike Bacsik, the pitcher who served up Barry Bonds' history-making home run. Turns out Bacsik's a massive Mavericks fan with an axe to grind with the Bay Area after last year's playoffs:

Bacsik is not your typical major leaguer. He wears old-fashioned stirrups. He studies baseball lore. He is such a sports fan that he spends his off-season working for a Dallas radio station so he can score good seats to Mavericks' home games.

Bacsik had a queasy feeling when he arrived in the Bay Area this week, mainly because the Mavericks were eliminated here by the Golden State Warriors in the first round of the N.B.A. playoffs. "I hate San Francisco for that," Bacsik said.

(Should we tell him the Warriors play in Oakland?)

Thanks to TrueHoop reader Trieu for the heads up.