NBA Today: Sonny Vaccaro and Arne Duncan

When Tom Thibodeau was coaching at Harvard, he was more than happy to take some extra time to work out a talented young player named Arne Duncan. Years later, that young player has become the U.S. Education Secretary, and was in Thibodeau's words, "a strong advocate" pulling strings to get Thibodeau his current job.

Duncan joins us to describe the series of phone calls he made on Thibodeau's behalf to Bulls owner Jerry Reinsdorf. We also talk about little things like diversity, basketball, "Waiting for Superman," and fixing the American education system.

Also, recorded live at the NBA All-Star Tech Summit, Sonny Vaccaro digs into why it is that the NBA and the Players Association pushed off a decision about the age limit in crafting the current CBA. Interesting stuff.

Arne Duncan and Sonny Vaccaro on NBA Today.