Thursday Mini-Bullets

  • Amazing online Adam Morrison comic book. And Part Two. Via Bobcats Planet.

  • Greg Oden shot his first commercial, and on his blog he writes: "When it comes out it shouldn't be to hard to find. It has this handsome African American fellow who played at The Ohio State University and he looks like he is 40."

  • This Chris Bosh plantar fasciitis news is not good. Same thing he was fighting nearly a year ago. That can be a truly pernicious injury. (Similarly, us Portland fans have to be a little worried about LaMarcus "shoulder surgery/heart operation/heel problem" Aldridge. If he can get durable, he'll be something else.)

  • Mark Cuban laughs his way into a fistfight.

  • The Sun-Sentinel's Ira Winderman on why Jason Williams should be Miami's starting point guard:" Foremost, the talk of Smush Parker challenging for the starting job is foolishness. With Parker holding an opt-out after the coming season, if he does prove starting-worthy, then he'd probably be headed elsewhere next summer for a contract longer than the two remaining cap-clogging seasons Shaquille O'Neal would have left on his deal. By contrast, if Williams can make it work this season, there a reasonable chance he'd be amenable to an ensuing two-year deal. Questions: Has anyone thrown more accurate alley-oop passes to Dwyane Wade these past two seasons? Is anyone more qualified to bring out the best of Dorell Wright's athleticism? Unlike a Mike Bibby or other options, Williams has shown an overwhelming willingness to defer. Anyone who has watched him these past two seasons almost cringes when he gets within inches of the rim only to deliver a kick-out pass. Then there's the always-significant assists-to-turnovers ratio. Williams ranked sixth in the league last season. Bibby ranked 51st. Parker 78th. Do you want a point guard who costs possessions? Or one who finds O'Neal and Wade in the right spots?"

  • Turns out there are, despite all sense, some business owners who don't like good natured celebrity athletes demonstrating their product.

  • In defense of Ernie Grunfeld's handling of the Juan Carlos Navarro situation.

  • Excellent Paul Simon vs. Connie Hawkins one-on-one video.