Friend: Eddie Griffin Didn't Seem Suicidal

Ted Silary of the Philadelphia Daily News caught up with, among others, Brandon Brigman, who was a friend of Eddie Griffin's.

Brigman, who now lives in Florida after playing collegiately at South Florida, said he visited Griffin in Houston "bunches of times" and was out there last week, even seeing him Thursday.

When someone, especially with a history of depression and other troubles (alcohol, drugs, violent outbursts), drives a car through a barrier into a train, it's impossible not to wonder about suicide.

Brigman finds that theory hard to fathom.

"It was like a normal day," he said. "Eddie was smilin' and playin' around. He looked perfectly fine. If I thought he was troubled, I wouldn't have left him. That's what you do with friends - support them."

Though thirdhand, information provided yesterday by one of Griffin's Houston-based lawyers, Derek Hollingsworth, also appears to indicate the crash was accidental.

Hollingsworth said he spoke Tuesday with Queen, Eddie's mother. In turn, he said, she'd received info from the mother of Eddie's daughter.

"Queen indicated the word from Jessica was that she was on the cell phone with Eddie shortly before the time he crashed," Hollingsworth said. "He said he was trying to get home, but was lost. The phone then went dead."

Hollingsworth said Queen Griffin "sounded very strong" on the phone. He added, "I also sensed she was still in shock."

His attempts to reach her yesterday were unsuccessful. He knew of no funeral plans.

A Houston police officer close to the accident investigation yesterday told the Daily News he was unsure whether the brakes on Griffin's SUV were working.

Citing the vehicle's severe damage, he said, "We're not able to determine that at this point."


"More than likely, not."