Meet Kenneth Faried

The inconsistent Nuggets have won four straight since the All-Star break while playing Kenneth Faried a ton of minutes. To NBA Playbook's Brett Koremenos, that isn't a coincidence:

Let’s play a trivia game quickly. Which player currently ranks 18th in TS% (True Shooting Percentage), 2nd in Offensive Rebound Rate, 7th in Overall Rebound Rate and currently sits 9th in PER, sandwiched between Kobe Bryant and Russell Westbrook?

If the names Howard, Love, Griffin or Anderson are popping into your head, guess again.

Still stuck? Try Denver rookie Kenneth Faried.

Click the link to see video of Faried flying across the court and making incredible plays with his hustle and athleticism.

Sometimes players who come through the draft lacking good or even adequate dribbling, shooting and scoring skills make us wonder how they can survive in the NBA. Faried reminds us that effort is still one of the most important and undervalued skills there is.