Forbes.com Best of the Web

It's a great day for TrueHoop, as Forbes.com just announced that TrueHoop has been named in their Best of the Web "Blogs that Matter" lineup.

There are ten categories, ranging from art to small business. TrueHoop is one of nine sports blogs mentioned. Congratulations to SportsBlogs for being named the favorite. Four of us were named "Best of the Web" picks: Bad Jocks, Yanks Fan vs. Sox Fan, Sports Frog (who called Larry Brown "the skankiest coaching skank in NBA history" this morning), and TrueHoop. Some friends like Eric McErlain (Off Wing Opinion) were also mentioned.

To top if off, there is a very thoughtful review by Paul M. Schwartz, and I am thankful that he clearly spent some quality time getting to know TrueHoop, rather than writing a quickie review.

The best part of all: I didn't submit the site or anything. Paul found it through google, and the first I heard of it was when he e-mailed to say TrueHoop had been selected. Thanks, Paul.