Hollinger's Numbers: Yi Jianlian Will Struggle

Granted, John Hollinger's working with the small sample of a few summer league and national team games. But after crunching the results, Hollinger's ESPN Insider blog entry concludes like this:

Though listed at 19, Yi now surpasses Atlanta's Zaza Pachulia as owner of the league's most suspicious birth certificate. If he really is 19, then Bucks fans shouldn't be too worried. Because even if he's awful now he's likely to improve greatly in the next couple seasons.

But if he's already 22 or 23? Be afraid. Be very afraid. And remember the curse of No. 6 -- for some reason, an inordinate number of players taken with the sixth overall pick have been horrific failures. Though Brandon Roy shook it off last year, other recent No. 6 picks have included luminaries such as Martell Webster, Dajuan Wagner, DerMarr Johnson and Tractor Traylor. It's a legacy that dates back to the days of Russell Cross and "Dinner Bell" Mel Turpin, and one that may claim another victim this season.