Five for Friday

Since we launched HoopIdea on February 8, we’ve received thousands of ideas, from brilliant to bonkers. Each Friday, we’ll publish five we found especially interesting. This week, we're highlighting some ideas with cross-sport appeal.

  1. In-season series for inter-division play. This is a baseball knock off. Here's how it would work: Team A, let's say the Spurs, plays Team B, let's say the Mavs, in five consecutive games (3 at home, 2 on the road; alternating home/away each season). Why? Hopefully, this would create an in-season playoff environment between inter-division rivals, reduce travel, and create an interesting scheduling dynamic. I also like the idea of the winner of the in-season series receiving a playoff seeding tiebreaker for their efforts.--Tim Varner, 48 Minutes of Hell

  2. Unique court dimensions. Every basketball court should have a unique distance for the 3-point line, similar to how baseball parks each have their own unique distances to the home-run fences. To take it a step further, maybe all dimensions of the court (excluding the 10-ft height of rim, diameter of basket, size of backboard, etc.) should be up to the builder to decide. This gives additional "home court advantage" to players who are used to the lines on their home court.--Jason Grusky

  3. Lengthen the court by 10 feet (5 feet behind the basket). This would mean players would be able to penetrate the lane from 360 degrees instead of 180 degrees so players would probe much more behind the basket and the movement of the ball would increase because the attack angles would increase.--Chip O'Connor

  4. Free throws from the spot of the foul. When fouled in the act of shooting, you get the option of one "free throw" attempt from the spot on the floor where the foul occurred, for the points equal to the shot. Fouled on a layup? Take an easy shot from the paint right under basket. Fouled on a 3-pointer? One shot from the spot for 3 points. Better think twice before fouling Dwight Howard under near the basket, because you'll probably end up watching an uncontested highlight dunk for two.--Mike Moll

  5. 3-point alley-oops. If the player throwing the ball is beyond the three point line, and it's caught and dunked in air, then it's three points. It must be a dunk. A fouled dunker will receive three free-throws. Think of the implications at the end of the game. No more stacking defenders outside the three point line to prevent a three point shot to win the game. The coaching potential is fascinating. How can we utilize our big men off screens and spread the floor to create an open lane for the passer?--David Grubman


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